The end

In this final post we will look back and reflect on the whole process of the project and the obtained results. For the interested, some music to set the mood. Ok, here we go.



Third and final release

Better late than never: here is our third and final release of our Social Fridge app! Unfortunately we won’t be able to properly evaluate this release, due to the timing and the fact that there are still quite a few show-stopping bugs. Still, we didn’t want you to miss out on the chance of giving this release a try, although we recommend wearing a hardhat because things might break. (more…)

A lost iteration…

While working on our evalution overview, we noticed we never posted the evalution and results of the second version of our paper prototype. Probably, the reason for that was that we started working on the third version almost instantly after making the second version and we only had two test persons for the latter one.

But, because the final overview can’t have too many details and we don’t want to completely discard this iteration, we present the results in this post.


Planning for next releases

On Monday, we had a Google Hangout-powered meeting with prof. Duval. The main topic was the planning for the next releases. With only 4 weeks to go to the study period before the June exams (commonly referred to as “den blok”), the professor advised us to focus our efforts and make sure we get enough feedback from real users. We also look into how we can get real users to use our app for real cooking parties, so we can make relevant evaluations.