Session 2: Brainstorms, personas and storyboards

In the second session of the course, we finally kicked off our project!


  • We started the session by looking at a few examples of HCI in the news. Prof. Duval showed us Google’s Project Tango and Selfie City. From now on, we have to find examples ourselves every week. You can find them in our stories of the week.
  • We held a brainstorm to find our app idea. We first learned about the rules of brainstorming, which we then applied during a class-wide brainstorm exercise. During our actual brainstorm, we came up with a lot of app ideas and finally selected our “social fridge” idea. Our app will allow students to find other students with matching fridge contents in order to cook together.
  • We learned about personas and made some personas for our project. Riccardo and Elke will help us while designing the user interface for our app.
  • We created a storyboard describing the main user interaction with our app. Toby wants to make pancakes, but doesn’t have all the ingredients in his fridge. Our app helps him find a partner so they can cook together.


We loved the HCI examples in the news. We were all really excited for Project Tango, we just wanted to get our hands on it and build something awesome with it! Selfie City was also a really neat research idea with inspiring visualizations. These were two great examples to set the bar for our own weekly HCI stories.

The brainstorming exercise about solving traffic problems in Flanders was also great fun. Surprisingly, it also led to many good ideas (carpooling, promoting public transport and working at home) and crazy ideas (more tunnels, flying cars, vacuum tube transportation,…). It really helped us to get in the right mood for our own brainstorm.

One small remark though: we believe the due dates for the blog posts should be moved from Friday morning to Friday evening. We had to write quite a lot of blog posts between Monday and Thursday, and an extra day would really help.

Update: Added evaluation of the session.



  1. Is this the evaluation of the session, because it does not feel like. You just mention what was done but not evaluate if the session was well put together.

  2. I was going to agree with “we believe the due dates for the blog posts should be moved from Friday morning to Friday evening”, but thinking about it, that would shorten the time to read all those posts… And reading is taking quite some time at the moment 😉

  3. The issue with moving due dates is, everyone will just wait until the last possible second to write their post, and you have to have the time to read and comment on all of them too

    1. It is indeed a lot to write in these days but ever more to read. Maybe their is an other option in-between. Like post 2 blogs before thursday and the other before friday evening…

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