Storyboard: Mmmm… pancakes!

Storyboards illustrate a usage scenario of an app, much like a comic strip. They describe when and why a user wants to do something with the app, how he would go about doing it and what he achieves by doing it. We created one for our own project to demonstrate the main usage scenario.

By watching the video presentation of Scott Klemmer on storyboards (and paper prototypes), we learned how to make good storyboards. Storyboarding is all about tasks and includes persons that are actually using the interface. It’s about communicating ideas, not about “pretty pictures”. One of the first things a storyboard should do is illustrate a goal. By the end you want to show how they accomplished what that goal was. A storyboard should convey a setting, a sequence and a situation of satisfaction. Main benefits are that it avoids commitment to a particular user interface and that you can express your ideas in concrete so that everyone in your group understands them.

With this in mind, we drew our first storyboard. It shows us how Toby would love to bake (and eat) pancakes. Unfortunately he ran out of eggs, which is quite essential in the recipe for pancakes. Our “Social Fridge” app helps him to find friends in his circle who have eggs (and possible other ingredients) and who agree to cook/bake together with him. They combine what they have in their fridge and have a great day making and eating pancakes!




  1. Liked the fact you really put the ideas off Scott into action with this storyboard. It’s clearly not about the drawing skills but about the satisfaction although it seems a little bit long (like mentioned in the comments before).

  2. To me, it makes more sense to give in some needed ingredients and let the user say what he wants to make with them afterwards, sparing you the need to predefine recipes.

    1. I agree, it will be a lot of work and not everyone makes (as example) spaghetti with the same ingredients so will you have 10 recipes for this? So it would indeed be handier to let the users define their ingredients.

  3. Good idea and clear storyboard! This could also be very useful in the student residents instead of all friends. So if you could filter on location (e.g. < 1km), I would definitely use it.

  4. Very relevant idea! Your storyboard would indeed be more powerful if it was a little shorter, but it conveys the idea. I agree on the location based approach, I think this could be the great power of the app and make it really usable.

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