Session 3: An evaluation

The third session kicked off with some HCI stories of the week and a few general remarks about how to blog and comment. We learned about paper prototyping and how to evaluate (i.e. get feedback from) a paper version of our application. Not too much time was spent on this which left us a lot of time to work on the project.

At a certain point (after an hour or so) professor Duval took a look at our progression. He noticed that we were working on three different parts of our application at the same time. He suggested strongly that for now we should only focus on prototyping the main functionality, which is selecting a dish and finding/inviting friends to make it. Professor Duval then said the same thing in front of the class also. A good thing he did and maybe next year this should be done immediately at the start.

The active help and feedback from the professor during the session in general was very good.  What eventually helped us the most in analyzing our first prototype version was to have 4 fellow students test it. Or better, to observe them testing it. Based on some common problems they had, we were able to create and finish a second version just before 16h.

I can’t think of any negative points about this session. The explanation about paper prototyping was sufficient, but maybe too brief for some.