Progress update 1: building some screens

We’re about halfway through the first week of our first development cycle, so it’s time for an update on our progress.

As we previously explained, we have two weeks to develop our first release. In the first week, we want to work on the Choose Time Slots, Choose Partners, Choose Time Arrangement and Receive Invitation screens.

Vital and Milan have been busy learning about Android development through the Android developers site. They are experimenting with layouts, widgets and activities and are slowly moving on to building real layouts for the screens. The results aren’t that spectacular yet, but that should change over the next few days.

WIP2: Learning about Android design

Mattias already has experience in Android development and jumped straight onto the Choose Partners UI. The screen is shown below: the confirmed partners are displayed at the top of the screen, with a list of candidates below which the user can invite to the party. Clicking on “Invite” will send an invite and change the button text to “Invited”. Although the UI is fully working on a real device, nothing is hooked up to the backend yet: it’s all dummy data and useless buttons for now. 😛

WIP2: Choose Partners

There’s still a long way to go. We had quite a bit of work on other projects this week, so we have some catching-up to do for this project this weekend. Expect another progress update on Sunday or Monday! 😉



  1. That second screen looks like a nice begin for your app! It, maybe, isn’t that beautiful, but it is very easy to use and that’s what counts! 😉

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