Session 5: +/-/?

First of all the professor repeated that blogging shouldn’t be a burden, but something in our advantage, mainly because of the fast feedback we can get from other people. We should also post our session evaluations soon enough, so that they can still be of any use for the next session. I guess I’m already a bit too late with this post, sorry.

Anyway, some positive notes about last session: less talking, more working; good feedback; and a nice overview of what we could use for our digital prototypes. Quite surprisingly the first digital version of our app must be released before the Easter Holidays, which is sooner than most of us expected. We probably wanted to know this a bit earlier. It’s not that it won’t be achievable, but together with all our other deadlines it will be tight.

A final remark: Professor Duval took a look  at our planning and adviced that, in order to have a testable digital version before the holidays, we should only focus on the main functionality: finding and inviting partners and choosing time slots to make spaghetti. I personally found it a pity that some things (like choosing a dish) were set aside, but it’s probably best to do so.



  1. If I didn’t convince you that it is best to release early and often, then you shouldn’t do it 😉 The core question is what is the minimum feature set to release. If you think that choosing a dish is part of that minimum feature set, then you should include it in the first release. But it still seems to me that you can learn a lot already from releasing a version that only supports spaghetti (or maybe than and one more dish)… It’s up to you to decide, but it will be important to provide a sound rationale… Good luck!

  2. Our group had the same feeling. During our brainstorm and working on the paper prototype, we came up with some really cool features, things that would make our approach unique, that won’t be part of the first releases.

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