Progress update 2: Time slots, notifications and a release date

Time for another progress update! We’re a bit late, we wanted to do an update on Monday but the Software Architecture project got in the way a bit.

Choose time slots

Milan has been working on the Choose Time Slots screen. The screen’s design is quite simple, so it’s a good start when you’re starting with Android development. It’s nowhere near final though: the time slots are currently two-state toggle buttons, whereas we want to end up with a three-state check box (unknown / available / unavailable). That way, we can require the user to explicitly mark their availability for every time slot instead of giving them default availabilities.

WIP3: Choose Time SlotsReceive invite and Choose time arrangement

Vital has been digging into Android’s NotificationService to show a notification when a party invite arrives. He’s also been working on the Choose Time Arrangement screen at the end of the party creation flow, but that’s still unfinished.


Mattias has been working on the backend code for creating and managing parties. He lost some time debugging a nasty configuration issue though, but now we’re on a solid backend foundation to support the app frontend.

First release: Thursday, 10 April!

We pushed the planning a bit further and gave us another week to complete the first release. This means that we’ll start testing a bit later, but we really need extra time to get the minimal scenario fully implemented. There’s already a lot of complexity involved in creating the party, updating the party state for all party members and sending and receiving invites through Google Cloud Messaging. We’re quite confident though that we can release on Thursday, 10 April – so mark that date in your calendars!

We’ll keep you updated on our progress (for real this time), just keep watching this blog! 😉