Progress update 3: Close, but not close enough

Here we are, it’s already 10 April. We said we would deliver our first release today, and we got very close. Unfortunately, we still have a few rather annoying bugs in the app which we don’t want the public to see just yet. Therefore, we’re postponing the first release to tomorrow, 11 April.

However, to make up a bit for the missed release date, we want to share some screenshots! You’ll probably recognize some of these from previous update posts, but many screens are brand new. We have the Reply to Invite and Plan Party screens up and running, as well as push notifications being delivered right onto your device.

Currently, there is a bug in which the screen loops between the Plan Party and View Party screens after you’ve planned the party. The correct thing would be to stay on the View Party screen, but something is causing it to go back to planning…

It also seems that some parts of the layout completely mess up on older Android devices (2.3). We’ve made sure to always use the proper support libraries to ensure backwards support, but still somewhere it fails. We’re hoping to get this fixed before the first release, as Android 2.3 is still quite common.

We have some basic tracking integrated with Google Analytics for Android, which should allow us to track events such as successful logins, party creations, invites and planning. There seems to be quite a bit of delay between sending the events and receiving it in the analytics reports, so we’re not sure if it’s all working yet. We want to toy a little bit more with this to make sure that it’ll work as expected when we release it to the public, as we’re hoping to use this for evaluating our app.

We also want to get rid of that dreadful default app icon, but we’re not very good at graphic design. We’re working on some kind of logo, hopefully it turns out somewhat decent. 😛


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