Version 0.1 released!

It’s here! One day past the original deadline, but we finally have our first release of Social Fridge.

We’re still waiting for one of the CHI course assistants to publish our app on the Google Play Store. It’s up, you can go get the app on the Play Store. We’re supporting all the way back until Android 2.3 Gingerbread!

Get it on Google Play
You are kindly requested to fill in a short questionnaire during or after using the app to help us evaluate and improve the user interface.


With this first release, we mainly want to test if users can successfully invite and respond to invites for a party.

We use the questionnaire to see if users understand the purpose of different parts of the interface and if they manage to effectively plan a party. We took the opportunity to ask about their expectations and possible improvements for the next release. We also included the standard questions from the System Usability Scale, which we’ll include in all future questionnaires in order to follow up on the evolution of the app’s usability.

We are tracking various events through Google Analytics at various “checkpoints” throughout the party planning process. This should help us determine whether users make it all the way through the process or get stuck and bail out halfway, and provides us with “hard data” to reinforce (or undermine) our conclusions from the questionnaire.

Eye candy

Screenshot time! These are mostly the same as those published yesterday, expect from some colors and icons.

We even made a graphical asset which might pass as a logo for our app. 😛

Social Fridge logo

Social Fridge logo


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