Progress Update 4: Wrapping up release 1 and looking forward

In this post we look back at release 1 and its evaluation. We also elaborate on what is to come (teasers inside!).

Evaluation of release 1

We already described in detail the evaluation of release one in a separate blog post. The most important conclusions were:

  • Most hosts didn’t understand what the ‘Done’ button does (on the ‘Invite partners’ screen).
  • The SUS score is relatively good: 71,875% on average.

We scheduled the Done button issue to be fixed in release 2.

Scope for release 2

In our next release we will do two major things:

  • We will process the feedback of the first release and extend the functionality for creating and managing parties.
    • Fix the ‘Invite partners’ screen so users better understand how and when partners are invited.
    • Allow users to choose a dish for their party, and delete parties.
    • Improve the look and feel a little, make it look less bland and add pictures.
  • We will add the functionality to manage ingredients in the fridge. However, we will not couple this to parties just yet (i.e. implementing the actual fridge matching).

Release 2 will be something like a Frankenstein monster because its two main functions (organize a dinner party and manage your fridge) will be completely separated. The idea here is that we can test the interface for fridge management earlier on, because we believe it will be crucial later on. We expect the user to be using this more often than the parties, and not wanting to waste too much time on. We want to get this working before we add in the fridge matching.

Release 2: teasers

Finally, some teasers on the progress of release 2. (Note that these are far from final!)

  • The dish of a party shows up with a nice, big header at the top of every party screen.
  • The UI has been refreshed to use Android’s card design style where appropriate.
  • We replaced some labels with icons, such as “date” and “place”.
  • We removed the “partners” label for now. This might still come back in release 2, we’re not sure yet.
  • The “Done” buttons are currently in the action bar. However, we think they’re too small and we’re going to move them back to the bottom of the screen.
  • The parties list is still very WIP. We plan to remove the host’s picture and put the dish above the partners. We also want to show the party date somewhere in there.


  1. Okay, looking forward to the next release. From the screenshots, it already seems a lot better!

  2. I agree with Samuel, this new layout is a world of difference with the first release: it looks promising :D. I think this might be upgrade your SUS score too, keep up the good work 😉

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