Version 0.2 released!

Well, to the assistant that is, we’re waiting for him to put it in the Play Store, and for the Play Store to accept it. It’s online now, go get it!

Get it on Google Play

Once again, we’d like to ask you to fill in a short questionnaire after or while using the app.


As explained in a previous post, this release has three parts: overall improvement of the UI, refinement of the invite partners UI and fridge management.

  • The overall improvement of the UI is purely graphical. Its effects should be noticed in the answers to the SUS questions in the questionnaire.
  • The refinement of the invite partners UI should solve the problem of hosts going to the next screen while some invitees might not have answered yet. The host will now get a warning in this situation, preventing him from accidentally/unintentionally canceling the pending invites.
  • The fridge management system is quite simple. As mentioned in a previous post, it should allow the user to add or delete ingredients fast. We will test it by timing some users while they add and delete a variety of  ingredients from their fridge.

Apart from that, we created another questionnaire with some general questions about how often users would use the complete app and of course the SUS questions to follow up on our progress.

Eye candy

Yay, screenshots! Everybody loves screenshots, right? And as our favorite AI would say: it’s looking pretty good.



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