A lost iteration…

While working on our evalution overview, we noticed we never posted the evalution and results of the second version of our paper prototype. Probably, the reason for that was that we started working on the third version almost instantly after making the second version and we only had two test persons for the latter one.

But, because the final overview can’t have too many details and we don’t want to completely discard this iteration, we present the results in this post.

The goal was to find out if and how quick users could find a dish, select time slots and find cooking partners. The testers were asked to fulfill the goal of making spaghetti together with friends (bearing some constraints in mind) by thinking aloud. Here you have the second prototype version (rationale) again :

The two users were male students (master CW), one also followed the HCI course, and both had not tested the first version. Some resulting observations were:

  • One subject wanted to add ingredients first to his fridge
  • One subject was in doubt about the ingredients he had and had not.
  • Both were still in doubt about the party location: Where is ‘my place’?
  • Both were not sure if they could change the ‘meeting time’.

Despite the insufficient number of test users, we did conclude that:

  • Choosing the time needed to be different and better: Maybe using a time window with a start & end hour (range, sliders, pick slots).
  •  ‘Cook dish’ and ‘make it’ is not clear enough.
  • Maybe we should only show the ingredients that are still needed. This would leave more space for adding friends.

Other thoughts, not solely related to the test results, were:

  • What should we do when there are not enough partners to collect all the necessary ingredients?
  • It should be possible to retreive information about a created party: adding it to a calendar or in the app itself (‘My Parties’).
  • Chatting with the current party?
  • Suggestions for dishes and recipes (based on the favourites of other friends)
  • Should we make it possible to select a location?



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