One overview to rule them all

We give an overview of all the iterations of the paper prototypes and digital prototypes throughout the project.

Version #Users Methods Results Adaptations Details
PP v1 4 Think aloud
  • Checkboxes were unclear- Candidates list was unclear
  • The party location was unknown
  • Used V- and X-symbols instead of checkboxes
  • Picked the location of the host- Added a candidate title
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PP v2 2 Think aloud
  • Some titles remained unclear- Problems with choosing a meeting time
  • Added some dish suggestions
  • Used time slots at two places (for availability and finalizing)
  • Added a ‘add to calendar’-checkbox
  • Used (more) meaningful titles and seperated choosing a meeting time from the dish information
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PP v3 5 Think aloud
  • Finding and inviting partners went smooth
  • Initial list of ingredients was clear
  • People picked too few available slots
  • People couldn’t find Spaghetti Bolognaise in the suggestion list
  • Used default chosen ‘V’-symbols on the time slots
  • (Next version was digital, so no adaptations for a next paper prototype)
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App v0.1 12 Questions & SUS
  • Some titles were not displayed on older Android versions
  • Confusion about having to pick a time slots twice
  • Unclear what the “Done” button in the Invite partners screen does.
  • Show warning when “Done” button is tapped while there are still pending invites
  • Don’t show notifications to the user that triggered them.
  • Remove disabled time slots instead of showing them disabled.
  • New functionality: Fridge management
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App v0.2 13 Questions, SUS & Timing
  • Timing for fridge management is good.
  • Refinement of Invite partners screen is sufficient.
  • New functionality: Dishes and ingredients for parties
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App v0.3 0 Think aloud & SUS
  • None: this release came too late to do the evaluation.
  • None: this was the final iteration
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