Third and final release

Better late than never: here is our third and final release of our Social Fridge app! Unfortunately we won’t be able to properly evaluate this release, due to the timing and the fact that there are still quite a few show-stopping bugs. Still, we didn’t want you to miss out on the chance of giving this release a try, although we recommend wearing a hardhat because things might break.

More than often, users will see their parties in an old or inconsistent state, severely hindering their experience. For example, after hitting “plan party”, it’s possible that the party briefly shows as planned and later returns to the unplanned state. Although the party is really planned, the eventually-consistent nature of our Google App Engine backend means that it takes some time to see this change everywhere, until then you may see stale data. This has an impact on pretty much everything in our app: an item just added to your fridge may briefly disappear again, an invited friend may show up as uninvited,…

This issue is also the main reason why this last release took so long. We tried to tackle this issue with various loading and caching strategies in the Android app, but unfortunately we did not manage to fully deal with the inconsistencies.

However the few times when the app does work, it works great! We have added dishes with ingredients lists, added fridge matching for choosing party candidates and added party checklists to track which ingredients are still missing. Therefore, we encourage you to give this release a try sometime and let us know what you think. We won’t be doing a full-blown evaluation anymore due to time constraints, but we still like to hear your opinion. 🙂

It’s a bit too late for a Play Store release, so you’ll have to install the APK manually.

Social Fridge v0.3
Installation instructions

Of course, we have some eye candy to sweeten the deal! 😉


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