Author: Mattias Buelens

Engineering student at K.U.Leuven, amateur web developer and occasional gamer.

Story of the week: Haptic Turk lets you fly a handglider

We’ve seen a lot of Oculus Rift applications pop up lately, but this one’s quite extraordinary. Haptic Turk allows for a truly immersive gaming experience with full rotational freedom and even special effects by… letting your friends hold you up, push you around and spray water in your face. (more…)


Version 0.1 released!

It’s here! One day past the original deadline, but we finally have our first release of Social Fridge.

We’re still waiting for one of the CHI course assistants to publish our app on the Google Play Store. It’s up, you can go get the app on the Play Store. We’re supporting all the way back until Android 2.3 Gingerbread!

Get it on Google Play
You are kindly requested to fill in a short questionnaire during or after using the app to help us evaluate and improve the user interface. (more…)

Story of the week: The return of the Start Menu

In our first story of the week, we talked about the design behind Windows 8. A lot of the criticism for the new design was caused by the removal of the Start Menu (which was replaced by the new Start Screen). It seems like Microsoft has decided to give in after all, and announced today that the Start Menu will return in a future update for Windows 8.1. The user will be able to choose whether they want the new Start Screen or this more traditional Start Menu. (more…)

Planning for the first release

Our first release is planned around the start of the Easter Holidays, which leaves us with two weeks to implement a working scenario. As the time window is short, we try to keep our scenario as small as possible. Therefore, we’ll focus on creating a party, sending and receiving party invites and arranging a time for the party.


Let’s build it: working on the digital prototype

With the paper prototypes nearing convergence to a working user interface, we start working on the next step: building the actual app. We still have a lot to learn about app development, but the best way to learn is to do it in practice. Thus, we start experimenting with the tools and libraries and try to get something on the screen. (more…)

Story of the week: Charity helps disabled gamer complete GTA V

Lee is a British gamer, but due to his spinal muscular atrophy, he was no longer able to play his video games. The Special Effect charity designed and developed a customised equipment setup for him, so he can control the game using his chin and his fingers. This allowed him to play and complete GTA V, something he thought he would never be able to do. (more…)