Author: vitaldhaveloose

The end

In this final post we will look back and reflect on the whole process of the project and the obtained results. For the interested, some music to set the mood. Ok, here we go.



Planning for next releases

On Monday, we had a Google Hangout-powered meeting with prof. Duval. The main topic was the planning for the next releases. With only 4 weeks to go to the study period before the June exams (commonly referred to as “den blok”), the professor advised us to focus our efforts and make sure we get enough feedback from real users. We also look into how we can get real users to use our app for real cooking parties, so we can make relevant evaluations.


Story of the week: Safari from your sofa

Do you know Sir David Attenborough? Perhaps not the name, but if you ever watched a BBC-produced nature documentary, chances are you know his voice. Let this fragment be a reminder.

Now, what is this knight’s connection to HCI? Well, he is involved in a new documentary, not for the big screens, but for small ones. This nature documentary, Conquest of the Skies, is to be watched with the Oculus Rift according to this article. (more…)

Story of the week: Subtitling the real world

This week in the television show Scheire en de Schepping we saw a rather clever combination of two interesting subdomains of HCI: voice recognition and augmented reality. It was about glasses that show subtitles for the conversation the user is having. These are called “SpraakZien” glasses (we find the name rather unimaginative), and they could be a handy tool for people with a hearing impairment.