Third and final release

Better late than never: here is our third and final release of our Social Fridge app! Unfortunately we won’t be able to properly evaluate this release, due to the timing and the fact that there are still quite a few show-stopping bugs. Still, we didn’t want you to miss out on the chance of giving this release a try, although we recommend wearing a hardhat because things might break. (more…)


Version 0.2 released!

Well, to the assistant that is, we’re waiting for him to put it in the Play Store, and for the Play Store to accept it. It’s online now, go get it!

Get it on Google Play

Once again, we’d like to ask you to fill in a short questionnaire after or while using the app. (more…)

Version 0.1 released!

It’s here! One day past the original deadline, but we finally have our first release of Social Fridge.

We’re still waiting for one of the CHI course assistants to publish our app on the Google Play Store. It’s up, you can go get the app on the Play Store. We’re supporting all the way back until Android 2.3 Gingerbread!

Get it on Google Play
You are kindly requested to fill in a short questionnaire during or after using the app to help us evaluate and improve the user interface. (more…)